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OASIS Password Requirements Have Changed

It’s important to understand that password complexity relates directly to password security. Sophisticated identity thieves use programs that generate passwords using combinations of personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses, family middle names, birthdates and more. These programs are capable of many thousands of login attempts per hour.

Since some passwords grant access to banking and credit card accounts, the stakes are very high. It’s each person’s responsibility to use a different password for every login and to make sure that each is complex and unique.

With that being said Cornerstone CFCU is improving your home banking password requirements. Starting July 23, 2018 when your password expires: you will be required to use a complex password format for your new password.

OASIS Passwords must be 8-14 characters in length.

Passwords must contain at least three of the following:

Uppercase Alphabet (A-Z)

Lowercase Alphabet (a-z)

Base 10 Digits (0-9)

Special Characters (for example: !$#,%)

Remember to never store your passwords in an easily accessible location. Don’t leave them on your desktop, don’t tape them to your monitor screen, and don’t keep them in your wallet or purse.At a time when millions of people become identity theft victims every year, a sober approach to password security and complexity is a big part of preventing identity theft.